Every year, I look for a way for our union to walk a path of reconciliation...not just at convention time, but how do we integrate this thinking and awareness in all of our work. And we will continue to do this for the benefit of our members and ourselves and our First Nations & Metis brothers and sisters | would recommend Tony as a speaker again and appreciate having him to help us on our union’s reconciliation journey.


In solidarity, Barbara Cape President SEIU-West




Our experience with Mr. Tony Stevenson and his presentation awarded us the opportunity to reflect on theconstruction of racial stereotypes against Indigenous people. Our group discussed how as a society we are more compassionate and understanding when seeing a white veteran, homeless on the street than and indigenous person who is homeless in our province of Saskatchewan.


“Eye opening experience that goes beyond what is being taught in our educational systems”


It is clear to us now that presentations like Tony's are both eye opening and essential for all Canadians to experience in order for further education and reconciliation to occur.


The point that stuck out to us the most about Tony’s presentation was his belief in showing this film to grade school children because the victims of residential schools were that age when they had these traumatic experiences. This relates a lot to the socioeconomic status and environmental exposure that children face which forms either their harsh realities or much less harsh realities. We are able to acknowledge that there is a big difference in perspectives and the realities of those who grow up on First Nations Reserves and those who do not.


Tony has brought us the truth of a survivor, something so hard to relive, but something done to help others have the strength to speak their truth. Thank you for sharing the truth and providing us with knowledge so we can move forward to work towards reconciliation.



KIN 420 - Guest Lecture Reflections
February 8, 2021