Orange shirt day is everyday for the majority of "US" and I certainly do not mean any disrespect to my extended Residential School Family with these pictures. It is quite the opposite actually, life happens i know, but man, it is pretty hard to see a few of you not doing to well and when i hear of "losing" someone from the "ole skool" through no fault of their own, addictions/ptsd/etc... hard to hide those feelings especially when ya grew up beside one another and i always wished that everyone of you from the QIRS ole skool family had been gifted with everything in life that made it the Best for you and your children.. the intergenerational traumas that hit us pretty hard at these times certainly impacted many of us on our life journey.. for those who are still battling with addictions, thoughts of self-harm, self-doubt, racism, and the struggles brought on by this negative legacy - i hope you one day find that balance, peace, and love you so deserve.. i really do wish that for all of you and not for just one day but every fn day! Your All the Best!! .... T.S.

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