Please feel free to reach out to these numbers and if your having trouble with the stories, email me directly and i can try to help you as well.... take care..
Late Elder Ms Josephine Worm's last message and wishes to me, WE NEED YOUNG PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO GET OUR MESSAGES ACROSS!.. (i will try..)
Canada's first prime minister john a mcdonald and his harmful attitude towards the First Nations People..
The late Chief Tony Macqua Cote.. one of the most prolific First Nations Leaders of our time..
My Papa and Teacher, The late Mr. John F. Cote... One of the kindest souls I am thankful to have ever known.
My Grandparents.. Albert and Liz Stevenson
The Late Mr Duncan Cote... sniper, paratrooper in the 2nd World War..
racist indian act rules set out by canada for First Nations to follow...   (summarized version..)
21 more topics of the indian act.. that hurt our First Nations people..
My maternal Grandparents, Late Mr. Enock sr. and Martha Poitras (hard working, kind, and loving people... )....  Peepeekisis First Nation
The Qu'Appelle Indian Residential School.....   (1980's, notice the 30ft satellite dish - it had the initial T painted on it for couple years.. wonder who did that? lol.)
Mr. Bryan Delorme.. an ole skool Brother who helped me make bad choices but was one of the fastest sprinters and toughest boxers that qirs ever had..
Big Ryan (sportin da ole flatcap).. bottom pic is where the Batcave was located.. in front of the ole whitehouse in the background!!
Grade 2-3... xmas concert..   cute lil school family members.. way too young for this place...   :(
Hulla!.. the first Big Brother I had to lay a lesson on.. years later I would be fencing his riser-fastball at ball tourneys and makin him jig at hockey tourneys!!
Stan. Charlie 1 of the hardest hitting spikers and highest jumping Volleyball Players in the province(s) of his era.. was also an influence for my bad behavior!
Late Mr. Allan Starr.. One of the Greatest All-Around Athletes of QIRS...  Thank you for setting the bar for Us  Big Al...  ;)
Mr. Warren Starr.. aka - The Rocket!! What he lacked in height/size he made up for it with his uncanny athletic abilities!!!
Top floor/middle window open to that ledge was where I was lowered from..(that's me layin on my side wit cap on, front row..waitin for trouble!)
Mr. Brass.. yup that's the guy!... jus bout dropped me from top floor of school... XO
Claue aka Murray.. youngest of the Starr Brothers' and most Deadlahist of em all...  (he convinced me to rappel down the school.. ;)...)
The Greatest Administrator to ever grace the halls of QIRS..  Your Always going to be Remembered as the Best Lou!!!
Killer (an photobomber) and Owen.. Two of the Greatest treasurer's of SRC and 50/50 raffle organizers of our time!!..
The beautiful and protective canopy during our walk/drive to the QIRS....
Mr. Kelly Pasloski... One of the Greatest and Personable Educators to have ever walked the Halls of QIRS.... aka Mr. P.
Spock (glasses) n Wayne roughing me up cause I hammered em on a game of 1 on 1 hoops!... they held me down, dug in my pockets an took their money back!!
years later, Spock and Mr. Ironstar, never learned their lesson as I still school em in golf now... (this time they can't rough me up to get their money back!)
The 1 million dollar cheque I promised my mom she could cash for all her sacrifices to my siblings and I.... (i was pretty confident and focused on my abilities....)
Getting ready for the brier... great sport!.. loved to make those fiberglass brooms slap n boom on the ice!!
Vera, Percy, and one of The Best Childcare workers, with Respect, Late Mr. Mel Tourangeau - eatin a burger...
Dawn Fraggle Hayden n Pearl Pearl George Henry.. Two of the nastiest n meanest lunchtime ladies on fish Fridays...
Jeff Moose Runns...  My lil Bro from Carry The Kettle First Nation...
The Late Joe Nooty-boy Kahnapace... another one of the smoothest, fastest, and talented hockey players I got to play on a line with...
Late Noel and Rose Kahnapace.. Nooty-boy's Dad and mom... they became my surrogate parents and hockey supporters as well.. Beautiful People..
My Big Residential School Brother Mr. Eugene Mongo Henderson... taught me the coolness of Winnipeg and accompanied me to my first ACDC concert!!
I am holding my lil Brother Streak, The Late Glen Anaquod Jr, and my cool lil Sis Dawn Faggle Hayden....
The Late Russel Rusty Thorn, (to my right) had the spirits and endurance of both the rabbit and deer in running, kindest person you could ever meet...
Mr. Arlen Killer or Gutsy Yuzicappi.. Athlete, swimmer, dancer - in the mist, and the guy who got me evicted lol from my home for staying up too late!! My Bro..
The Late Mr. Bill Peigan.. Scholar and Highly Respected Principal who showed great compassion to the students futures in education...
Justice Ken Bellerose (ret.) .. my ole friend who helped me get back on track and in turn, I gave him subsidized golf lessons..  ;)
My older and demanding residential school sis... Ms. Fonda Shepherd...
Mr. Skez Wetty Friday.. aka. Les....  from Cote rez... ole skool Bro...
the doors at the old school block where we heard the footsteps and door opening...  it is now the museum in Lebret that houses the nun/priests regalia..
redacted copy of adjudication hearing from the residential school compensation - one of the longest days.
Currently filed civil action in Regina Kings Bench court and are very much active and are allowed for public access.
The harms committed against the child, as stated in the registered statement of claim.
my Dad when he was in Lebret at grade 8..  1950's.. passed away in 1973...
My mom and I at her university graduation, she went back to get her Bachelor of Social Work Degree! (Quite an accomplishment after what she had been through..)
My Mom (bottom row) and Auntie Elaine (top row)
my older Sister Cathy...  (She remembers the bully on the bus incident very well...)
The poster I was talking too. like Wow! Amazingly, I meet him like a day later at the Pearson Toronto Airport walking through the gate... Power of Faith and Belief.
Mr. Darryl Munch Jones.. Legendary and World Class Bassist (Sting, Rolling Stones, Miles Davis..) is now a Family Member of the Ole Skool Residential Family!!!
The End.... Marcie n i....
Amazingly, the yearbook photographer caught this live-shot of Marcie's first reaction seeing me as I walked into the chapel with a sleeve-less jean jacket smock on. destiny
One of the Best Long Distance runners of the era.. Ms. Michelle Asapace... ranked top 3 in province of Saskatchewan.
Mr. Campbell Stevenson... Proof an assistant editor of e book.... one bright young man with a promising career ahead of him!
Late Ms. Gayle Johnson. First Ever Vice President to create a meaningful recruiting and retention program for First Nations People..
The Beautiful and Talented Ms. Susan Aglukark (my cool older Sis!) and Mr. Rob Butler - Blue Jay World Series Member....
My Big Brother and NHL coach of the year, Mr. Ted Nolan.... This guy is the epitome of Perseverance!! (and the second handsomest guy in this pic!..)
When the Dream was started....