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In the past, a few of the elementary and high schools did not have enough funds to pay for the residential school presentation as their yearly expenses have been carefully earmarked for their own initiatives prior to the school year. I have made personal contributions to get started as I certainly do believe that this is a very informative and effective educational program. I have also written a book on the subject and the costs' of production, editing, and distribution are quite high but definitely do-able! - (The editor had stated that there is a genuine interest from both the educational institutions and general public.) If you, or, your organization would like to get the advertising on this project, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. Thank you in advance. 

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Delta Hotel Regina, Saskatchewan - Inkind Donation

Delta Downtown - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Inkind Donation

Ms. Maureen Dreidger - Waldhiem, Saskatchewan 

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